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The Traitor's Sword
US title: The Sword of Straw
(Second of the Sangreal trilogy)

Nathan’s adventures continue as he searches for the second of the three Grail relics in the mediaeval kingdom of Wilderslee.

There he finds a city abandoned by most of its residents, a king with an injury that will not heal, a princess, and a motley collection of demons.

He must somehow obtain the Traitor’s Sword, a blade that will attack anyone who attempts to draw it from its sheath, while in his own world he has to confront a psychotic school bully and mend rifts in his lifelong friendship with his best mate Hazel, who has been meddling with witchcraft.

His activities attract the attention of the police, in the person of DCI Pobjoy, who is beginning to suspect there are things going on in the village of Eade beyond the normal range of forensic investigation…

Author Comment:
I was pretty pleased with this.

Wonderful reviews, especially in the United States – comparisons with C.S. Lewis, Tolkien, J.K. Rowling, Philip Pullman.





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