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Prospero's Children
(First in a trilogy)

A fantasy set in the modern world but exploring magical dimensions and a mythical past.

The sixteen-year-old heroine and her younger brother find themselves isolated in a remote house in Yorkshire and entangled in the search for a mysterious key which may be hidden there.

Shadowy forces pursue them and the nearer they get to their goal the more their danger increases.

My heroine discovers she must grow up fast – and pay the price of lost innocence – in order to fulfil her task and survive the subsequent debacle.

Author Comment:
This was my first attempt at writing a fantasy novel where the real and magical worlds are interleaved (I think that’s a good word for it) and many of the characters have different identities on different levels.

I wanted to produce what was, in effect, a children’s book for grownups, something that could be read and hopefully enjoyed by teenagers, pre-teens and their parents.

As a child, I found all fiction entrancing, but some of that charm departed as I moved into the slightly more pretentious world of adult literature, and my aim was to recapture that magic while at the same time writing on a more mature level.


Cover artist: Alan Lee

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