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The Dragon-Charmer
(Second in the trilogy)

Some years have gone past, the central characters from the previous book have grown up, and Fern – my heroine – is about to make a marriage of suitability rather than love, when shadows from her magical past reappear to disrupt the proceedings.

Her soul is stolen from her body and trapped in another dimension by a powerful witch from the time of King Arthur who is trying to make a comeback, while in an isolated country house the descendant of the legendary dragon-charmers has a terrible secret hidden in his cellar.

Fern is forced to confront her own other self, and accept both her power and her burden, in order to face the terror – and the wonder – of the last dragon left alive.

Author Comment:
Slightly overwritten (I had a bad dose of Mervyn Peake) and very dark, this is the most difficult of my fantasy novels, but I still think it’s pretty good.

The Eternal Tree where the heads of the dead must hang for a season – those who have done evil, anyway – is one of my favourite concepts.


Cover artist: John Howe

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