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Welcome to the World Wide Whitbourn, wherein John Whitbourn attempts to divert and entertain you, and then part you from some of your hard-earned spondulics in exchange for more of his writing work in the form of books. Should you want to buy his books without first being entertained, follow this link now.

Otherwise, thrill to the history of the man himself in his biographical details (many of them true); read a mercifully brief introduction to his work in What's it all about then?; then read his own very modest review of one of his novels in Own-trumpet voluntary. Now your appetite is thoroughly whetted, find out about the ghostly goings-on in a strange Surrey village not dissimilar to the one John lives in, in A Binscombe Tales spiel, see a complete list of the tales in both the chronology they were first published in and their final order when collected into two fine volumes (available to buy now), and discover John's real feelings about his home county in Homage to Surrey.

John is, of course, primarily a writer of fictional entertainments, and as such only too glad to talk about the creation of his books. In An Alternative Interview he gives some insights into the writing of his first published novels, while in The 'Continuum' Timeline he delineates the whole chronology underlying his first trilogy. In Whatever next? he adumbrates his work in progress, the Downs-Lord Triptych (which you can buy by following this link), and his complete publishing history is laid out in the Full bibliography.

For every book published, John seems to have another ten he hasn't got around to writing yet. He outlines some of the ideas in So Many Ideas and so Little Time and rounds out the experience with some of his factual writing on history in As a Historian ... or Just some Articles

Finally, despite his abundantly obvious erudition, there are books he hasn't read, and can't find, and these are listed on Books Wanted List. Can you help find them? You can contact him on the e-mail address below, but before you do that, do yourself a favour and visit this link now and buy some books first. Then you can also tell him how much you enjoyed the books when you do get in touch.

e-mail: JAW@telinco.co.uk

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