Books Wanted by John Whitbourn

Title Author & Etc.

The Ancient World - Manners & Morals
Jack LINDSAY. Weidenfeld & N. 1968.

An Orthodox Voice
John MICHELL. 'The Oldie'. 1990s

The Reformation & the English People

Armies of the Sedgemoor Campaign
John TINCEY. Partizan Press. 1985?

Yesterday - A Tory Fairy Tale
Henry Norman DAVEY. 1924
in which - apparently - the Isle of Wight secedes and becomes a sovereign state! As it so often does in my own preferred 'Alternative Histories': emboldened by smuggling and offshore-banking derived wealth, wielder of a powerful navy (combating aggression wherever it start), adorned by a glittering capital at Yarmouth and populated by proud 'caulkheads' speaking Hampshire dialect as their principal tongue ...

Bergerac's Jersey

Bilko - The Fort Baxter Story
David THOMAS, Ian IRVINE. Vermilion/Hutchinson 1985

Eighteen Years in the Khyber
Sir Robert WARBURTON 1900

Isle of Wight books -

The Oglander Memoirs
Ed. W. H. LONG

A Royalist's Notebook
Ed. Francis BAMFORD


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