Continuum History

My three linked-novels, A Dangerous Energy, To Build Jerusalem and The Two Confessions [henceforth ADE, TBJ and TTC respectively] are set within, I trust, an internally consistent altered time-line. For reasons too implausible and complex to explain, I christened the thing Continuum History. Herewith, for what it's worth, it is, as gleaned from the books.

It is divided into the following sections:

Continuum: England/British Isles
Amended English Regnal List
Continuum: World
People and Personalities
Places and Peoples/Races

Any mistakes you may think you perceive are the result of typing errors or duff info from - other - negligent historians.

England/British Isles
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4004 BC   The Creation.
?   Britain settled by refugees from Troy
61 AD   London: 'Boudicca, Vikings, Spanish and Charles I' burnt it. Mention of 'Plantagenet London'. 'Cornish Rising'?
1562   'Queen Elizabeth the wicked' dies of smallpox.
  ADE 'Cardinal Archbishop Cranmer'
1563   Accession of MARY II and Henry Stewart: 'HENRY IX'
1564   'Protestant rising nominally led by William Cecil'. 'Half-hearted support in Sussex'. 'Bloody defeat' in 1565.
1571   'Violent and unnatural death' of HENRY IX.
1575   Queen MARY and 'Spanish allies in England'.
    St. William Shakespeare: 'early conversion and driven pen'.
1580   'Lewes Rising'. 'Lewes sacked by ( English ) royal army'.
1585   'Great Armada welcomed ashore by the Queen at Dover'.
  ADE 'Spanish pogrom of the Protestant nobility and Essex's equally
1589   'Cambridge Rising'
1591   'Spanish departed to the Lowlands and England lay at peace'.
1600   'Queen Mary died'.
1601   'Fighting in London'. 'Lord Essex Regent'. 'Essex's Revolt'.
1602   'King James of Scotland came to reign.'
1601-1649 ADE 'England the sole Protestant state in Europe'
1605   'Gunpowder Plot'. King James and Prince Henry killed, Prince Charles kidnapped by plotters. Essex as Regent.
1625   'The King died. [Essex as 'Henry X'?] King Charles reigned'.
1635   King Charles I's conversion to Catholicism.
1642-49 TBJ p34 The English Civil War. 'Protestant Parliament'. London burnt by Charles I. 'Assisting Spanish volunteer troops.
  ADE: 'Second Battle of Godalming', 'Protector Oliver Cromwell' - his Scottish wars. OC lives until 1666 - 'exile and conversion'.
18th Century ADE 'St. John Wesley. 'Johnson's 'Lives of the Magicians'. 'Loyola College Oxford'.
Early 19th Century.   Attempted draining of the Fens using Scottish POWs.
    Major anti-Jewish riots in London.
1819-1821   Scottish war.
1899-1901   Scottish war.
1870   CHARLES III - 'King of United England'. 'Jerusalem' adopted as national anthem.
  ADE Charles III: 'late 19th century'.
    'Gladstone Rising' ( Guildford affected ). 'Cornish Rising'' ?
20th Century ADE p261 'Wessex Riots in the 20s'. 'Kernow as was - absorbed in the 20s. Duchy of Cornwall. 'Waugh's 'temple at Thatch'.
1940   Winston Spencer Churchill 'His Majesty's Chief Minister'
20th Century ADE CHARLES IV. Lord John Waith - moral and political tutor in youth.
In 1990: ADE 'King of England, Wales, Lord Protector of Cornwall and Scilly.
1995: TBJ 'King of England, Wales, Cornwall, Protector of Mannin and the Isles, Patron of the Jaffa and Jerusalem Citadels'. Therefore change in status 1990 - 95.
    Charles IV dies, by poisoning.
1970s ADE celebration of 'great naval victory over the Mamelukes'. 'Warden of the Cinque Poets'.
  ADE p124 'Laird of Dalriada'.
1980s ADE p284 Slave plantations in Gower peninsula, Welsh-speaking bonded workers owned/employed by Irish Plantation owners. Rising in Gower suppressed by Father Oakley. 'Southern coastal resorts patronised by royalty .
1982 ADE p112 No Bibles in English
  TBJ 'a recent development' - therefore dramatic development 1982-95.
    Charles' son - never named
  ADE 'Prince of Wales' aged 9 in 1990 at Reading camp.
    Contemporary 'English [language] a neglected medium'. Potatoes, tea, coffee and tobacco in England'. Description of London ADE p43, TBJ p79 including description of the City.
1990   'Thames Valley Crusade'
1995   General Mott's 'lightning Xmas Welsh campaign'. Sack of Llanarth, surrender of Caernarfon and collapse of 'Free Wales'.
1995 TBJ Archbishop of London's recounting of recent unrest and associated personalities.
1995   'Enclosure Crusade'. Liverpool destroyed -
2003 AD ADE p261 but mentioned as the site of a Thaumaturgical College

(25th March)

  Coronation of CHARLES V 'King of United England and Wales and Cornwall, Protector of Scotland-Secunda, Dalriada and the Isles, Protector of Mannin, Patron of the Jaffa and Jerusalem Citadels, Defender of the Faith'.
2023 ADE p307 Pelagians in Lewes - Inquisition.

Amended English Regnal List
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1563-1600 MARY II.
to 1571 ['HENRY IX']
1601-1602 ESSEX - Regent
1602-1605 JAMES I
1605-1625 ESSEX - Regent and 'HENRY X'
1625-? CHARLES I 'The Victor' - born 1600. Reigned
1599-1666 CROMWELL 'Protector' ?-?
?-1701 JAMES II 'The True'
? 'MARY III' 'Restorationist' [post Archbishop Abbot - wife of JAMES I? and survived him - 'Queen' as honorific title.]
?-? JOSEPH I 'The Wizard'
? - ? PETER I 'The Brave'
1870 CHARLES III fl.
TTC 1958 GUY Prince of Wales
  [No reference in ADE's 1995-2023 section re name/sex of reigning monarch. Prince of Wales aged 9 in 1990 as per ADE but unnamed.
2014 TCC CHARLES V Coronation

History - World go back to the beginning

4004 BC   Creation.
8th century   Charlemagne and 'Archmage Roncevat'
1527   Rome sacked.
  ADE 'narcotics appeared soon after the great wars of religion, when overseas exploration resumed' -
Venice, Rotterdam - London - Marseilles - Rome.
1600   Destruction of Hamburg and rapid collapse of Protestantism.
1640's   'Enterprise of Richlieu' - abiding Crusading success.
1708-1820   'Great European War' - 'whimpered to an end'. The Holy Roman Empire's eventual success
  TBJ 'Europe had been at peace for two centuries'.
18th Century   Vienna burnt by Turks, Georgia destroyed, the 'Greek Despots and Gemistan Republic attacked.'
Early 19th Century   Turks expelled from Greece and Balkans. Lord George Byron
19th Century TBJ 'In Italy and the Empire the age of the railway'
1848   Council of Aberlemno. Revised definition of Crusades.
1896-1901   Polish - Imperial war.
1900   Recapture of Constantinople/Istanbul.
1900-50   Polish/Imperial Crusades against Tartars, Magyars and Ukrainian. 'Hetman Pilsudski.
1930s   'Phillemian' dualist heresy in France.
Pope Constantine III.
  ADE p207 Battle of Compiegn

People and Personalities
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1990s:   Queen Bridget of Sicily.
1995   Pope Simon-Dismas. 'Levantine'.
    'Nearly 800 years ago in 2008' therefore 13th Century. IBARRA, Spanish magician. Codifier of Demonology.
1790s.   LIGUORI. died in 1815 - posthumously published standard thaumaturgical texts
1560s- 1580s?   Robin Corbishly, English Archmage. 'The Corbishly Codex'. 'Charming conversationalist.'
2020s   Mamaratu. Renowned magician living in 'undiscovered island on other side of the world'.

Nations go back to the beginning

FRANCE 'endangered by Burgundy's expansionist policies'. 'Archbishop of Paris and Versailles'
POLAND 1982 Holy Roman Empire governor countering joint Magyar and Tartar incursions
SWEDISH EMPIRE 'expansive and prosperous', crusades against pagan Lapps and East Prussians
FREE WALES Caernarfon capital, victories by Royal English army in 1995 mentioned in TBJ but still extant in 2003 ADE
CAIRO CALIPHATE Mamelukes, 'Bey of Fez', colony of refugees from Christendom
SPARTA -reborn of the Grecian Despots and THE GEMISTAN REPUBLIC
KOSOVO Disputed province

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Timber cathedrals of Greenland

Secret Jesuit utopias in INCA country
(ADE p244 'very little known re South Americas')

Crusade armies of:

Druze Citadel in SYRIA SECUNDA

'Gibborim' tunnel complex/ 'Maronites' in LEBANON-PHILISTIA
('Palestinian' TBJ p102)

Gnostic forest University in LATVIA.


Sophisticated but pagan CRIMEA and UKRAINE

Alexandria and Antwerp ports

MUSCOVY and 'NEW HAMBURG' (Famine therein mentioned)

AMERICAS and AUSTRALASIA - 'Nativisation' policy

IROQUOIS LEAGUE dominant in Northern America

Protestant log stockade in Iroquois Country.

ADE p 155
Papal Legate killed by unincorporated Aborigines.
Regiments of incorporated Aborigines.

'Turkish converts' mentioned in TBJ

'Mohawk Steward' in England in ADE

'Mediterranean slave galleys' and renegade Christian/apostate pirates raiding the coast of the Papal States - destroyed in turn by 'Neapolitan galleys'.

Jesuits ADE p133. 'Jesuit magician'.

Knights Templar and 'Hospitalers of St. John' - modern military orders.

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