John Whitbourn
Biographical details
(many of them true)

A tenth generation inhabitant of southern England's 'Downs Country', John Whitbourn is an Archaeology graduate and published author since 1987.

His first book, A Dangerous Energy, won the 'BBC/Victor Gollancz Fantasy Novel Prize' (judged by, amongst others, Terry Pratchett) in 1991. Popes and Phantoms and To Build Jerusalem, novels located in his own preferred - and wildly skewed - version of history, followed that success. A Dangerous Energy was deservedly described as 'the first Counter-Reformation science fiction novel' and To Build Jerusalem furthers the story of that 'alternative history'. A third volume in this trilogy, The Two Confessions is now complete. Popes and Phantoms was recently published in Russia by Mir.

At the same time Whitbourn has published a steady stream of short stories, including the extensive Binscombe Tales series of supernatural stories set in his ancestral homeland. They were published in collected form as Binscombe Tales - Sinister Saxon Stories and More Binscombe Tales - Sinister Sutangli Stories by the Ash Tree Press in 1998 and 1999. Whitbourn's works have been described as constructing 'an alternative mythology for Britain', as well as 'wreaking stylish havoc' (Time Out) with orthodox English history.

His fifth book, The Royal Changeling, (reviewed as 'surely the first work of Jacobite propaganda for several centuries') was published in 1998. Downs-Lord Dawn - 'First Panel of the Downs-Lord Triptych' was released by Simon & Schuster's Earthlight imprint in August 1999. Downs-Lord Day is to follow in October 2000.


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