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Recent JAW Developments

Recently on the shelves (4/12/00) is
DOWNS-LORD DAY - Earthlight/Simon & Schuster - 6.99.
Complete with maps, sketches, 'personal cosmologies', choreographs and other illustrations of high beauty and weirdness.

To follow: (those lovely words: 'The End' having been typed 04/09/00) is DOWNS-LORD DOOMSDAY, somewhen in 2001, insha'allah. However, rest assured, the greatly feared DOWNS-LORD SUPPERTIME (2002) is unlikely to be written.

Then, also Deo Volente, there ought to be:

Excuse Me
Shadows & Silence. The Ash Tree Press. 2000

Collected short stories. The Ash Tree Press. 2001.

Someone. 2001

Right now, being in that delicious aftermath of 'The End' (see above) I can now at last address my pen to:

The Stronghold - young adults' novel.

The Definitive - and only - History of St. Francis' Church, Littleton

Guildford - Birthplace of English Democracy - Surrey and the Levellers in 1647

Up to my Middle in Mud
Benjamin Franklin in the Isle of Wight' (article)

Plus, probably, notes re 'Joe Haines', my never-to-be-written Greek Tragedy, more reading towards 'The History of the Eskimos' and my exponentially expanding revision of Machiavelli's The Prince: 'The Regime'. Watch this space.

jaw September 2000


What's begun is half done...

With brave young heroine 'Amy-Faith' leading the attack under cover of a bombardment of inspiration, JAW has advanced the frontiers of his bold change of direction, 'THE STRONGHOLD', 40,000 words into Null-Mundania territory, establishing a defendable beachhead whilst the 'DOWNS-LORD DOOMSDAY' proofs divert him. With one half of the book thus safely gathered in, Amy-Faith stands on the threshold of the eponymous baroque fortress-cum-crusade, a dead solicitor behind her in Godalming High Street, and hordes of ravening Null in hot pursuit...

Also mooted, but presently less concrete, is a new short story series of ghost and/or 'erotic' tales set in a variant 18th century Oxford University. Not quite Oxford as it was, indeed, not quite England, but a close relative of both, albeit with the weight of history and sensuality enhanced to almost drippingly oppressive proportions. Standing in relation to reality as does, say, a gothicised platoon of Kate Bush (circa 1976) look-alike Israeli women-soldiers to the cast of 'Eastenders'. Or the 'Brittas Empire's' cunning and sultry 'Laura Lancing' (criminally under-celebrated actress Julia St. John) to Madonna ...


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