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Paul Brazier – Curriculum Vitae

Paul and Juliet

Married. No children. Alas, our four cats have died, having each lived to be 18. Now we have adopted a stray called Smokey and he is a charmer – he even has his own website.
Eight guitars, nine Macintosh computers. One bicycle

Current clean driving licence

  BA (Hons) English Language and Literature
Interzone 146 cover

Science fiction — in my spare time for ten years I was Production Editor and occasional Guest Editor of Interzone, Britain's only successful literary science-fiction magazine. Now I run a web-based fiction project, Quercus-SF, which is garnering respectable reviews

Fascinated by the Macintosh, by typography, and by how they have become so inseparably linked

Acoustic guitar — both listening and playing (see the guitar section) and now a little bit of electric, even, and I have recently been learning how to build and repair guitars too

Photography (see my albums)

Reading, book reviewing and literary criticism

Planet Brazier