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sendmeastory QuercusSF Home Home Visitors Member's Sign-in Submissions Subscribe Editor's Diary What's New submissions guidelines is the workshop side of the Quercus-SF publishing project.

Quercus-SF is a paying market. However, submissions to Quercus-SF are by invitation only.

New writers are unlikely to achieve the standard we are seeking immediately.
However, as we are anxious to develop new talent, they are invited to submit their stories to the workshop. They should bear in mind that all stories submitted to the workshop are automatically considered for inclusion in Quercus-SF.

The fee for submitting stories to the workshop is £5.

In return for this fee, the submitter will receive a professional opinion on their story. Also, if they so wish, the story itself will appear in the workshop area of the site (under construction – check back later in the week) and the letter of comment will appear with it. Once the security issues of the site are resolved, there will be a bulletin board where subscribers to Quercus and members of sendmeastory will be encouraged to comment on all aspects of the site, but especially the stories and the editor’s comments that appear here.

To submit a story to first make your payment using paypal

When your electronic receipt arrives, attach your story to it in the form of either a .rtf or .doc file toand forward it to subscribersubmissions.

Stories received from non-subscriber email addresses without payment will be returned unread.

Alternatively, send your story in the traditional way by post, but please remember to enclose a cheque payable to Quercus-sf for £5.00 and return postage/SAE if you want the story returned.