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Amanda writes comic novels under the pseudonym of Jemma Harvey

Wishful Thinking

Romantic comedy – at least, satire with a dollop of sometimes cynical romance – set in the world of publishing. Three heroines of assorted ages – Cookie, under thirty and over 16, with the Bridget Jones years looming ahead, Lin, thirty-two, a single parent with nanny problems and no time to look for Mr Right, and Georgie, fortysomething, a glamour-girl with a married lover and a credit card bill off the scale – share three wishes to solve all their problems.

Then they set out to make them come true – and discover their problems have only just started.

Author Comment:
I began this almost at random, simply to see if I could do it, and enjoyed it so much I kept writing.

Funnily enough, it’s one of the few books that does exactly what I aimed for – it’s light, with a few dark moments, it’s fun, and I think it’s funny.

I’ve had great feedback on it – Heat magazine picked it as one of their top ten summer reads, and male friends who’ve read it say that now they know how women think (!).

This is a feelgood story for people recovering from ’flu and broken hearts, a holiday book for the beach or the aeroplane.

Take it with a long cocktail, a small umbrella, and possibly a box of chocolates.



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Wishful Thinking | Kissing Toads

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